Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

A selection of veggies and herbs at a farmer's market

What is a CSA?

People who are part of a CSA are buying a guaranteed share of a farmer's crops. CSA's can sell produce, fresh fruit, meat, eggs or flowers. By paying up front for a share of the crop, you are also sharing  part of the risk of farming - ex. early or late frosts, rainy or very dry weather, crop damage due to pests or diseases or the local animal population deciding that your chickens are tonight's meal. A CSA is also good for the farmers since they get a guaranteed market for their crops and they get up-front money, very important in the spring.  Please take a minute to download the Farm to Table CSA brochure at the bottom of the page. It has a lot more information regarding the CSA. 

Evans Mills Farms CSA

Evans Mills Farms CSA is a co-operative CSA between Martin Road North Gardens and Just Wingin It Poultry Farm.  Bi-weekly shares can include produce, herbs, flowers, honey, eggs, chicken and turkey at Thanksgiving. All items are locally grown. The eggs are from cage-free chickens. The chickens are raised on pasture as are the turkeys. The honey is locally produced. Share are available bi-weekly from June 12th to Oct. 23rd or Thanksgiving. There will be a maximum of 25 shares - 1 share per family.

CSA Details

There are 4 options for shares in the CSA:

Package 1 - bi-weekly delivery of vegetables, herbs, flowers, fruit ( max 6-8 items) plus 2 dozen eggs each delivery and honey (16oz) twice starting June 12th ending  Nov.22rd      $ 317 

Package 2  - everything included in Option 1 plus 2 whole chickens 5 times  $ 467

Package 3 - everything in Option 1 plus 2 whole chicken 5 times  and a 12 to 15 pound fresh turkey and a special share of Thanksgiving vegetables $ 537

Package 4 - includes everything in Option 3 but with a 16 - 20 pound turkey instead of a 12 -15 pound turkey. $ 556

Deposits - 1/2 of the cost (due by 5/1) are as follows:

Package 1 - $158.50

Package 2 - $233.50

Package 3 - $268.50

Package 4 - $278.00

A SIGNED CONTACT IS REQUIRED - see the link below to print out. You can mail it to the address on the form with your deposit or pay your deposit online with the link below and sign scan and e-mail the contract to :

Remainder due with the 1st delivery! 

Pickup  at Just Wingin It Poultry Farm on Weds. afternoons and evenings or at the following farmer's markets : Clayton Thursdays June 6th to Sept 12th, Carthage Fridays May 24th to October 25th and Cape Vincent June 13th to Sept. 21st. NO deliveries.

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Farm to Table CSA Brochure (pdf)


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